Legacy Electronics and Software ? Needs Refresh

Need to Upgrade and Redesign Older Embedded Systems ? Need help to maintain Embeded Products Systems and Software ? Need to add new features, change form factor and design, manage obsolosence or improve performance. Xenedge can be a partner thus freeing up your teams to manage new development. We can work with as little documentation and reduced support to help reengineer the products. Build POC to mitigate Product Development Challenges. Xenedge can develop rapid POC rapidly which can be used to evaluate and test new technolgoies, system integration approaches and test design asssumptions before commiting your engineering team and resource to a major Product development.

Re Engineer Legacy

  • - Obsolescence Management
  • - Value Engineering/Cost Takeout
  • - Footprint Reduction
  • - Upgrade Manufacturing Test Systems
  • - Competition Banchmarking

Optimize, Upgrade & Create Value

  • - Feature Enhancement
  • - Incorporate Machine Learning
  • - New Technology Insertion
  • - Connectivity and Cloud Enablement
  • - Manufacturing Transitions
  • - Product Certification